Process Engineering projects differ from normal construction in several critical ways, foremost of which is the specialist knowledge of various engineering disciplines required to understand the total project – civil, structural mechanical, chemical, electrical instrumentation and safety engineering are involved in most process industry projects whereas normal construction projects require a less broad range.

Another fundamental difference is that such projects inevitably involve not only a main contractor but also a number of subcontractors whose activities have to be coordinated from a safety aspect; again it requires experienced and knowledgeable process engineers to fulfil this role.

Haden Freeman Ltd, our sister company from whom our consultants originate, has an enviable track record as an engineering consultancy and multi-disciplinary resource for the Process Industry sector. Established in Manchester since 1984, the company now has offices in Southampton, Qatar and Redcar, which enables them to provide a local service to clients in these areas with a number of their engineers based at client sites, supported from headquarters by a fully integrated digital infrastructure.

We have provided CDM Coordinators since 2007 and can now provide Principal Designer services for process industry engineering projects in addition to acting as Principal Contractor, Contractor or Designer.

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UK Headquarters
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Oldham Street, Denton, Manchester
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Haden Freeman Limited
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Haden Freeman Limited C/O GEO Group UK Ltd
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Southampton, Hampshire
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Haden Freeman Limited C/O Madina Group
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